Hospitals and ASCs

Md2G (Medical Device Develop Group) is a group of experts focused on practical device innovation and commercialization. Many of our projects are physician (and nurse) inventions that address common problems and offer real returns. Running a hospital isn't something Md2G knows how to do. But we do know how to turn ideas into products, and after years of working with major non-profit institutions and independent inventors, we know that the same commercial path can be provided to your facility, without all the inefficiencies of the classical technology transfer offices.

That is why we are creating the Health Innovation Pipeline (HIP). It's a new way to get ideas through the Valley of Death - efficiently.

Ideas are easy. Execution is hard.

The first years of commercialization of a new medical innovation are called "The Valley of Death" because the concept is too early for venture capital but too advanced to qualify for grant funding.

If there even is an opportunity for grant funding - NIH grants funds haven't really increased in a long time, and there are many more applicants every year for the dwindling supply of funds. And the VC world isn't a friendly place for ideas. 

So what is a doctor or nurse with a great idea supposed to do? 

Does your organization have the means to move an idea to the market? 

HIP delivers technology transfer and commercialization without the overhead costs of creating a new department. HIP is run by seasoned executives from multinational device firms, people who have started companies and exited, people who have taken lots of ideas from the cocktail napkin phase right into the global market. HIP can work for your institute. The benefits include:

  • Long-term income from royalties on your staff's inventions
  • Prestige and visibility for your institution
  • Improved retention of top talent & recruiting
  • New revenue streams (clinical studies, innovation grants, etc)
  • Morale increase as talent realizes that their ideas are truly valued