Raising Money

Md2G is not a broker

Are you trying to get funding for your startup?

We don't raise money for clients, we are not licensed (or freelance) brokers, and we can't promise you any magic. In this economy, promises are too expensive for innovators.

And yet we help people raise money for their startups. Not with promises, but with tools that will turn business ideas into investment-grade opportunities.

Bootstrapping, Angel Investors, and Series A/B

As advisors to startups, and having started several companies since the 2008 "crash", we have some important suggestions about how to effectively bootstrap to first investment, how to structure the pitch and what materials (and preparation) are needed at each stage.

And we have a special engagement package for early companies at any stage in the funding cycle. Contact us for information; we are more than happy to provide examples and references. Our templates, Structured Innovation tools, and Market Intelligence methods provide unique value and give you a clear path to product launch. Scott Hampton, one of our founders, writes regularly on this topic in his blog.