Filling in the gaps

Due to the specialized nature of the industry, medical device companies have very specific needs within traditional business areas. Md2G offers commonly requested support activities to facilitate product development and accelerate corporate growth. We create virtual or on-site teams for short term projects, and in some cases have allowed our people to take on long-term assignments. 

Start-up clients turn to Md2G when they need additional resources that are not yet in the budget or are needed on a short-term basis.
Large companies find that Md2G can support overflow or specialized work demands, allowing internal teams to focus on existing projects.

Business support provided by Md2G includes:
  • Contract CEO/CFO/COO/CSO: Many early-stage companies need credible, experienced executives or an executive team to get them through their first funding round(s) or during transitions. Md2G executives are available to assist at any level of commitment, including fractional and interim engagements, to help you meet and exceed your business goals.
  • Tiger Team (Crisis Intervention): A Tiger Team is a small group of experienced veterans, selected for their expertise and commitment, who are assigned a single, strategically critical mission. Team members are domain experts with significant senior level experience in a wide range of areas of operations, regulatory, quality, manufacturing and product development. If you received a 483 Letter from the FDA, and have a deadline, we've turned around entire factories and quality systems for products from 510(k) to PMA. We've re-engineered products in the middle of clinical trials without disturbing the validity of the data. Give us a call if you have a problem.
  • Investment Analysis: Should you invest in a specific opportunity? Is the business plan sound? Do you have a portfolio and want to know which options offer the best return on investment? We use the same tools to analyze that we do to create, and can bring a host of powerful tools to bear, including risk-adjusted NPV comparisons, heuristic IP portfolio reviews, and market intelligence analysis.
  • Business planning: Whether creating a business plan or reviewing it, the company’s Business Case Analysis uses the proprietary SPI toolkit to maximize the potential opportunity and the presentation of the information. Entrepreneurs and investors have raised money with our work product. 
  • New market entry: Md2G helps clients around the world who want to bring their products into the US market, as well as US clients who want to enter foreign markets. Through our regulatory and marketing partners, Md2G can easily launch existing or planned products into any market in the world.
  • Manufacturing and logistics: Md2G has established relationships with specialty and high-volume manufacturers in the US, EU, and China. If you aren't satisfied with your current supply chain, or want to get costs and quality under control, Md2G can help you.