What We Do

Complete product commercialization from concept to full market launch
  • Large and small medical companies
  • Domestic and international

Assist innovators through critical milestones to create licensing opportunities
  • Individual physicians and nurses
  • University researchers and clinicians
  • Tech transfer offices
  • Research centers

Domestic and international firms expanding new indications/markets
  • 510(k) and PMA submissions
  • CE marks, including quality systems
  • Accessing Japan, Korea, China, Brazil and other tricky markets
  • Taking USA products to Europe and Asia, or bringing them here

Through years of experience with a wide range of products and companies, Md2G has identified all of the essential steps necessary to bring a medical product to market. The company – through staff or contract resources – provides every one of these necessary steps either as part of a total project management package or as individual services.

The company offers a range of business support specifically tailored to the need of medical industry companies. This facilitates product development and commercialization by allowing you to access key resources on a cost-effective basis.

Whether you need commercialization support that begins with translating an idea from a cocktail napkin to a prototype and moving it through clinical trials to market, or specific support for targeted tasks, Md2G has a solution to meet your needs.